Where we come from…Our brief history…and where we are going

The release of Mr.Nelson Mandela in 1991 and the events leading up to the South Africa’s first multi-racial democratic elections in April 1994, set in motion a new course for South Africa, based on values of

  • mutual respect, humanitarianism, and the dignity of all human beings regardless of race, colour, religion or gender, with a vision of;
  • freeing South African society from its dehumanizing apartheid past and;
  • transforming South Africa into a dynamic democratic society of multi-ethnic people living in harmony with each other and with the natural environment.

People of South Africa origin, living abroad, are also engaged in various ways in supporting and promoting South Africa’s new vision.

The South African Rainbow Association – Ottawa (SARA) was formed in 1997 by the amalgamation of two independent non incorporated organizations proviously operating separately in the Ottawa area – South African Nationals in Ottawa (SANO) and the Protea Club, Ottawa. In 1995, representatives of thees two organizations began a process of amalgamation whereby common objectives reflecting the new reality of South Africa were established. Accordingly, these two original organizations were officially dissolved and June 1, 1997 SARA was established. In October, 2010 the association’s official name was changed to the South African Rainbow Nation Association – Ottawa (SARNA).

In 2000, the association was incorporated as a non-for-profit association within the province of Ontario. SARNA continues to evolve into a strong and dynamic association that encourages, initiates and actively promotes harmony amongst all South African peoples and will continue to engage in activities which focus on improving the well-being of disadvantaged South Africans.

South African Rainbow Nation Association